redCopper Web Hosting

redCopper is an Microsoft ASP.Net shop and offers web hosting on the latest version of Microsoft Server running IIS. So this means that if your a cutting edge developer, we can support .NET 4.5 and application pools to isolate your application no problem. We have several types of servers available, most are running virtual server core installations, so we can set your file permissions manually using icacls.

We also offer Linux web servers running the latest binary versions of Apache and PHP, so any binary PHP modules available can be included in the PHP project code.

Last but not least, we have economy servers running on Linux and Apache that can server regular HTML websites at a much lower cost, with the drawback being that there is no technology to run server side application code.

Web Hosting Options

redCopper has several server locations available for you to choose from. Our in-house development and production servers are fine for small sized low bandwidth web applications. These systems are perfect for those still working on their code, and offers an easier method or updating and fine tuning of application code.

We also have contracts with offsite facilities located in Nevada and Texas for those that require high availability and unlimited bandwidth. These servers are perfect for rock solid applications that require little or no maintenance.

Database Servers

We offer the enterprise version of Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft's SQL Server Express Advanced 2012. We own the licenses for the software so you can just rent the license for a monthly fee.

If you need a Oracle SQL Server such as 12G, just let us know and we will set one up for you.

Web Hosting on Modern Servers

The facilities in Nevada and Texas all run on Cisco Blade technology and Cisco Firewalls on a hyper-visor. So if you have a virtual machine file, we can just your file. Our hyper-visors are running Hyper-V, and at the moment, we don't support VM Ware yet.

Our in-house equipment is running the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors, and will support any Hyper-V virtual machine. We use commodity Dell servers with the latest XEON CPU'S that support AES instruction set, so SSL pages generate fast. All units have 24 gigs or RAM and Solid State disk drives for high IOP counts.