HX5's classic shopping or product display system is a general use program for basic products/services

Classic 5 Display System The original HX5 Product Display system is called the classic system, that was designed for general use, and features a basic display set.

The classic product display system comes stock with the program, and includes 2 product display detail templates called.

  • Classic 1
  • Classic 5

Do not judge HX5 by the classic product display system alone. HX5 is capable of having hundreds of product display systems to choose from.

The groundwork has already been laid as far as the data and logic goes to fill in the templates. Making new templates is just a matter of elegant design and artwork. It really doesn't take too long to create beautiful new templates say for consumer and commercial products and services.

If you want a custom display system, not a problem, just send us your creative design or mockup and we will encode it for you at a small charge. If your design is not very complicated, then it should not take longer than 2 days time.

We do have the itch to create something more elegent in design, were just looking for ideas at the moment.

Classic Display System Details

Category and Sub Category Program The classic product display system is pretty basic in design. The image to the right is the category program, in which it displays items assigned the chosen category. This program is designed to be able to add to cart from any position in the program, which is why the Add 2 Cart Program is Modal in design. Plus the modal interface prevents crawlers from adding items to the shopping cart database.

This design is the horizontal view, and the other choice is the vertical view. Plus you can select from 3 to 24 items per page.

  • View as Squares
  • View as Horizontal
  • Sort by Price
  • Sort by Item Name
  • Sort by Vendor Name
  • RSS Feed Link
  • Bread crumb navigation
  • Works in 3 Different languages
  • American English
  • Canadian French
  • Mexican Spanish

Classic Modal Add2Cart The classic display system will automatically generate meta-tag data such as description and keywords, and a unique page title. You can use the back end management system to generate new RSS Feed files and generate a new sitemap.xml for crawlers to use.

Updated Add2Cart Interface

The Add2Cart interface has been redesigned to allow touch screen mobile users to use the interface in a cleaner manner. The plus and minus button was added to eliminate the virtual keyboard from popping up. The equal button was added for a quick subtotal summary. If the item is already in the cart, then the interface is called the Update Cart interface, and allow the shopper to change the quantity selected. You can use the plus or minus buttons to change the quantity, or use the textbox to enter a new numeric value.

Updated Photo Viewer

Classic Modal Photo Viewer The image to the right is the classic modal photo viewer. It is optimized in size to full screen on iPad and other tablet mobile devices. It supports images up to 980 pixels wide. Clicking on the escape button will unload the modal interface, and you can use the keyboard to move to the next image, or simply just touch the buttons. The modal photo viewer will display the master image, and up to 3 additional images. There are 2 close buttons available to close the interface. The photo viewer will only displays the images that you have assigned to the product using the product editor.

Updated Movie Movie

Classic Modal Movie Viewer The next image is the classic modal movie viewer. Once again, the design was to be able to watch the movie from anywhere in the shopping system. The movie view was expanded in 2014 to now do a device detection and whether the device is able to support the flash player. If the device does not have flash loaded, the device will display the HTML5 movie object. If flash is detected, then the movie viewer will load the Flash Player that has streaming capability. The movies for the mobile or non-flash system are formatted in H.264, with support up to 1920x1080. You can also just link to a You Tube movie, and the You Tube Player will display in the modal interface. The movies do go full screen for playback. You can host movies from HX5, or you can embed movie object code to stream movies from sources such as You Tube. In the image sample on the right, is an embedded You Tube movie.

Classic RSS Feeds This is what a RSS Feed page looks like. You can add to cart from the feed page, and check inventory status as well.

Customers can subscribe to your feeds as well. There is an orange colored RSS Feed icon located at the top of each page, in which shopper can subscribe to your feed. Feeds are generated using the product editor index in site administrator, in which RSS Feed files are automatically generated when you click in the update feed button.

Updated Product Search

The product search system has been enhanced in early 2015. This is the 2nd generation code for the system, and works quite well now. We have found that many people use the search bar in order to find product, and sales have increased 33% since the implementation of the new search code. So the full text catalog in SQL Server is no longer used, and we have implemented a new search algorithm that searches each work individually. We will continue to prioritize this feature by implementing a newer version of the algorithm later this year.

Optimized for Search Engines

Once again the Product Display System is highly optimized for search engine to crawl. Everything required for the best results are automatically generated or you.

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