We call our checkout system the dynamic shopping cart

HX5's AIM checkout system is capable of checking out even the most complex of product / services

The HX5 checkout system is years in the making, and turned out to be the most difficult challenge of eCommerce.

We have a 3 page checkout system available in English, French and Spanish, that can calculate the most complex of product/services offered, in both AIM and CIM.

So your probably asking right now why we don't have a 1 page checkout which is easier for the shopper to use. Because Amazon owns the patent rights to one page checkout, and charges a large fee to use the concept. But the main reason being is that when we first designed the checkout system, it was written in stages of operation, in which we collect the payment data, billing and shipping address, and then calculate the shipping rate, and finally make payment.

Years of testing different eCommerce platforms that did offer 1 page checkout versus our 3 page checkout concluded ours offered a lower rate of error and higher rate of accuracy when checking out.

But let's put that issue aside for the moment and learn more about the checkout system that we offer.

HX5 AIM Checkout Program Modules

HX5 supports both AIM and CIM payment processing. What is the difference between AIM and CIM?

How AIM and SIM works AIM allows the customer to stay on the website, while CIM steers you away from the website, using the payment processors SSL certificate. The payment processor stores the card data for the customer in a CIM transaction.

Some customers prefer to use the CIM system over AIM, so they don't have to purchase a SSL certificate. The green bar SSL certificate is around $100 per year, but it offers a higher level of confidence for shoppers.

The majority of customers use the AIM system. We think you can get a better rate like up to 75% less, and it doesn't lock you into a payment gateway or merchant processor. You can switch merchant processors and payment gateways within minutes using HX5.

About Themes and Colors

You can change the color of your online store to any colors that you desire. There are 3 themes in the program, Black, White and Transparent. Themes are easy to make, and only take about 30 minutes to complete.

HX5's checkout is broken down into 3 modules

Checkout is 3 pages long with the following program modules.

  • Enter Card Information - Billing and Shipping
  • Confirm Shipping Address, Select Rate
  • Make Payment - Payment Response

Step 1, Payment Entry First time customers create an account, and then move on to the payment information program. First time customers are presented with this simple form to enter their card data information, and their billing and shipping address. Card Numbers are now semi confirmed by using the Mod10 algorithm, cutting down invalid card number error to almost zero now.

Return customers receive a more complex form that allows them to use a previous card that is stored in the cloud. If the card information has changed, they can edit the card, delete the card and create a new one. Shoppers can have multiple cards stored, and select which card they want to use for payment.

The red bar at the top simply indicates that we are in development mode, and is a reminder that all transactions are merly test transactions. You can use the Site Administrator to open and close the checkout, or switch modes from production to development.

HX5 now confirms the shipping address

The checkout shipping program provides 3 areas of functionality.

  • Confirm Shipping Address
  • Select Rate and Rate Options - e.g. SAT Delivery
  • Estimate Delivery Date

Step 2, Select Ship Rate The first being that the customer confirms their shipping address. Now this probably sounds dumb, but over the years in testing, many customers are ordering on behalf or an organization with large campuses such as universiteis and military bases so we include a map for them to double check.

Next the customer can select from one of the various rates offered to them. The can also choose signature confirmation, saturday delivery and so forth. We are under contractual agreement with FedEx and UPS to offer these services.

Next we can calculate the estimated date of delivery, so the customer choose a higher priced rate if the package will not be delivered in time.

HX5 Make Payment - Enter CVV2 Code

The checkout make payment program provides 3 areas of functionality.

  • Confirm Card Information
  • Enter Card CVV2 Code
  • Pay Now or Cancel and Save for Later

Step 3, Make Payment Customers can now view the Payment Dashboard to confirm their information is correct. They can look at the Checkout Summary to the right to confirm that they are being charged the right amount of dollars.

We don't store the customers secret code or card CVV2 code in the program, they must enter the code before making payment. Without the correct code, you cannot make payment. This provides an addtional layer of security that customers don't mind. We did a survey on this years ago to confirm this.

We process the card payment on the front end. We can alter the program to process on the backend, in which some organizations prefer, because they like to talk to the customer. It's old school vs new.

HX5 AIM Checkout Program Features

HX5's Checkout systems supports multiple languages

Checkout supports 3 different languages.

  • English - EN-US
  • French - FR-CA
  • Spanish - ES-MX

French The entire checkout system supports 3 different languages, English, French and Spanish. You can elect to support 1 languages only or all 3 during checkout. Users can switch language choice when entering the checkout system.

Currently, checkout only supports one currency type at a time, which is the home currency of your companies country. But the currency symbol is culture based, so if your website is set to Spanish MX, the peso symbol will display.

Confirmation emails will be sent in the language used for checkout. So if the customer checks out in french, they will get a french email confirmation after making payment.

HX5's Flexible HTML Template System for Email

Sales Messenger The HTML encoding for email messages can either be self generated to the default value, or you can edit a Flexible HTML Template.

There are 3 sets of templates for all checkout emails.

  • English - EN-US
  • French - FR-CA
  • Spanish - ES-MX

The program comes default with a Flexible Template for messages generated in the system, in which you can use a HTML editor to alter the look and feel of the template.

Template data fields are marked with <% smtp.orderAmount %> containers, in which we search the code for the field and swap the value of it.

To the right is the Sales Messenger, an elective notification system that you can turn on to alert when an order has been placed. So if an order for Next Day Air occurs, it can receive prompt attention.

The image to the right is an actual HTML email displayed in outlook.

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