We have one of the strongest backends in the eCommerce industry

HX5's backend management is designed just like the POS systems used in high end restaurants

HX5 backend management is currently web based, and runs in all the major browsers avaialble today. You can access it anywhere you have a computer, mobile device and a internet connection.

In the future, we will have a PC Windows based app that will run on touch screen computers, that you can place in the warehouse and shipping department.

The backend management program is called the Site Administrator, and allows your designated website operators to manage orders, customer messages, and add or edit product / services offered thoughout the system.

Site Administrator contains 5 levels of security, in which level 1 only has access to the queue system, level 2 includes payment processing, level 4 allows the editing of products and services while level 5 is the super user, in which program setup functionality is included.

Website operator activity is logged and recorded so you can back trace any errors made by an employee.

Data is secured throughout the back end, and the customers personal data is never fully exposed. There is also auto logout for expired sessions.

To the right are samples of the Order Scoreboard. We have chosen to show details for the Sales Charts and Graphs, and Inventory Alerts. There is also the Marketing Activity Dashboard, that give you a count to your mailing list subscriptions, and items not purchased today, to see if there is any activity on your online store at all.

The sales chart and graphs show you the current month view, and the previous month view. By clicking on the charts, it takes you to the report module, for a more detailed view.

Inventory is optional in HX5. An item can be forever in stock, or inventory can be turned on for that item, in which you can toggle it out of stock. You can also set inventory item levels such as fulfillment alerts, or automatic out of stock notices. Inventory email alerts are also tied into these program modules.

Site Administrator - Order Processing

Order Processing requires level 1 security.

The Order Processing module of HX5 contains 9 Programs.

  • Customer Lookup
  • Create Telephone Order
  • View Abandoned Orders
  • Orders Held For Review
  • Order Fulfillment Queue
  • Order Shipping Queue
  • Completed Sales Orders
  • Completed Shipping Tickets
  • Cancel Order in Progress

During development and testing, each one of the programs was used on a daily basis, proving the value of them. We can't list the details of every program module, but we have chosen these because much focus and energy have been placed here during 2014. This came as a result of customer demand, in making the website operator’s job easier.

Abandoned Orders Use the Abandoned Order Program to rescue orders, and to simply help those shoppers that are not educated in shopping online. Simply pickup an order where the customer has left off, and complete the process for them. The program will open the stage panel were they stopped. There are 5 stages to the checkout process. If you need a new shipping quote, simple select ship rate quotes for a fresh one. Then confirm the payment information and total amount due, and click process order for a decline or approval. You can also change the payment information such as credit card number, billing or shipping address and update the database. The order will automatically move to the fulfillment queue if approved, and send the customer the proper email notifications. This program module has had extensive work and testing done to it over a years’ time.

Customer Lookup The Customer Look up is great for when a customer calls in for help on creating an account. You would be surprised at how many wife's shop for their husbands online, and then the husband calls in saying I have an account but have never been to your website. Consolidate accounts and perform password resets.

So now searching for customer records has been greatly expanded to make it faster and more accurate. The customer search feature has been greatly enhanced to search on several ways including card name, billing name, shipping name, email address and finally the actual customer’s name.

Customer lookup has been greatly expanded in 2014, to now include password reset or generate. You can also open the contact information and send them an email message, or dial there phone number. The Completed Orders History will give you a list of all past orders from that customer. Now you can click on an past order for review. This comes in handy when the customer calls, and says I want more of what I bought last time, but I can't remember the part number.

Fulfillment Ticket Right is a sample Fulfillment ticket. We print these out and attach them to the pick bin, in which an auditor double checks the order. Next Day Air Orders are moved to the front of the queue, so there is no delay in processing. Edit/Update incorrect shipping addresses.

The fulfillment ticket program has been expanded in 2014 to now include over 10 new features. Now you can edit the billing and shipping information of the customer. We like to check the shipping address against the USPS to avoid incorrect address charges from FedEx and UPS.

All of the customers contact information is now printed on the ticket. Now the website operator can contact the customer my email or phone before sending the ticket out to fulfillment.

Add a free gift. Yes, if you decide to offer free things for purchases over a set amount, you can now select items from inventory, and add them as zero priced items. Free gifts appear highlighted in orange. Imagine the customer’s surprise when they find free goodies in the box, free of charge including shipping.

On the top of the ticket, it tells you if the customer is a first time buyer, or a repeat customer. You can now click on the blue bar at the top of the ticket if present, and lookup every previous order on record under that account name. It gives you a total for all past orders as well. Select a previous order, and view the order details including pictures, prices, billing and shipping address as well. This was one of these features that customers demanded in 2014.

Site Administrator - Payment Processing

Payment Processing requires level 2 security.

The Payment Processing module of HX5 contains 7 Programs.

  • Manual Authorization
  • Manual Tip/Charge
  • Void Authorization
  • Batch Settlements
  • View Recent Payments
  • Issue a Partial Credit
  • Issue a Full Credit/Refund

You can auto capture authorizations at a pre-determined time, or run the Batch Settlement Capture program which is slightly more to operate.

Void Payment / Credit Payment HX5 contains full card processing just a like a card terminal or Micros POS system. There is no need to use the payment gateway website to do any of the chores listed here.

The programs will automatically calculate if an authorization has been settled or not based on date and time, so you know when to issue a VOID or CREDIT.

When in auto-capture mode, all batch settlement programs are disabled and vice versus.

We also have detailed card authorization reports in the reports module, so you can check your payment gateway or merchant processor statement line by line for any errors or daily audit.

Recent Payments Right is a sample Recent Credit Payment, in which you can see that the customer only made one authorization to complete the order. Some times, customers take 2 or 3 times to get their card payment information correct, and you will see each attempt in the journal window at the bottom.

HX5 logs every transaction that is either approved, declined or in error. The payment gateways only log approved or declined authorizations, so we go one step further. Use the recent payment program, to look up all authorization request made on that order number. This allows you to perform diagnostics, or clear up the question of if payment was really made.

Site Administrator - Customer Relations Management

CRM requires level 3 security.

The CRM module of HX5 contains 3 Programs.

  • Customer Questions
  • Mailing List Mangement
  • Create Marketing Campaign
  • Marketing Campaign Template Editor
  • Run Marketing Campaigns
  • SMTP Messenger Windows Service

CRM and Customer Relations Management collects voluntary information submitted by customers.

New in 2014 is the email marketing program, just like Constant Contact. Now you can send emails without have to pay a monthly fee.

CRM Meesage Queue You can check messages, and respond straight from the HX5 program. HX5 will generate an Email using one of new Flexible HTML Templates, and log and journal the response given by the website operator. Flexible Email Templates can be altered to suit your needs in look and feel, so you’re not stuck with the default templates. All email messages use the Flexible Email Template System.

You can also forward a message to the proper technical person, and they can compose their response, and then login to HX5 to transmit it. Add technical helpers on the fly, and automatically register them in the database. When you forward a message, the technical person get an email with a link to click on, which contains a special token. This link and token allows the recipient to login into HX5 CRM automatically, and answer the question. The question is then transmitted to the customer, and a record of the conversation is recorded for the website operator to view.

Since all messages are logged, you can go back in time and search for messages in case of litigation issues. Old message are archived in the archive database, so they don't get mixed up with new ones.

Template Editor This new feature was added in 2014. Now you can create a flyer just like Constant Contact. A helper plugin allows you to select products and services, which will automatically inject into the template for you. Simply select a template, and click on the zone. A properties dialog will load, allowing you to change the image to the exact size required. It will program in the image link, the alt text, width and height. You can also upload new images as well.

There are many custom plugins that have been created for use in this system. If you need a plugin that is not listed, we can make a plugin for you from scratch in a short amount of time.

HX5 uses the ckEditor system for HTML editing. The plugins are written in JavaScript. All HTML data that the template is constructed from is stored in the database, for use across all webservers that are assigned to the website.

Product Plugin Zones with a yellow badge are programed using a custom plugin. Click the yellow icon on top, and a custom dialog will load. You can select the product you wish to feature, and all the work will be done automatically. So clicking on mail header will give you a list of mail headers that are available. The same applies to ad panes. The zone below, with the yellow badge, loads the dialog shown to the right.

Select your product part number, and then generate the product details. Choose your template orientation, and preview the results below. The HTML code will be automatically written and injected into the template.

Use the schedule program to send your email marketing campaigns to your mailing list. A program called a windows service will pick up the job and send it automatically for you.

The SMTP Messenger, which is a Windows Service Application that reside in HX5, will load automatically, and check for jobs every 15 minutes. When a job is ready to send, it will read the mailing list, and load the assigned template. It will send an email every 5 seconds, until the mailing list is complete

Site Administrator - Reports

Reports requires level 4 security.

The Report module of HX5 contains 18+ Reports.

  • 3 Inventory Reports
  • 9 Sales Reports
  • 3 Sales Tax Collected Reports
  • 3 Product / Services Margin Reports
  • 3 Payment Journal Reports

We have 3 sets of report data for most categories, daily, monthly and annual. More reports are on the way, because we like reports.

Daily Sales Report The first report to the right is the daily sales report, that shows you orders pending and orders completed, including a list of items required for fulfillment. The daily report gives show you the current incomplete and complete order status for the day. It also shows you the profit for the day, and the items required to fulfill all the incomplete orders. In the item details, is the vendor name, phone number and contact information, in case you’re running low on that item. There is also a margin report my order number, which shows you your profit for that particular order.

Monthly Sales Report The monthly and annual sales report gives you a calendar view of the month or year, in which the annual report gives you’re a bar chart with x and y axis plotting the month. It generates an exact calendar for that month in HTML, and fills in the calendar days with that days sales totals. If the days had no sales, the day is red, and vice versus for days with sales that are black in color. There is a month and year selector allow you to back and forth to compare my month or month in the previous year.

There is also an Annual Sales Report, that list each month in the year with a graph or chart, and the sales totals for each month. You can use the year selector to go back and forth to compare year sales numbers.

Sales Tax Report The report right is the sales tax report, in which a list all the states shipped to have the sales tax summed up, and states that you collect tax for are bordered in blue. You can view by day, month and year, and I know that folks want the quarter report as well, coming soon. But this gives you the exact sales tax liability you are required to pay to the state.

We also have an items sold report for the day, month or year. It gives you a list of all the items sold, and the quantity, along with vendor data and item data as well. This includes margin data as well. We elected not to show you the report because it contains personal data in it.

Were always adding new reports, but if you don't see a report that you need in the program, just let us know.

Site Administrator - Management

Management requires level 4 security.

The Management module of HX5 contains 12 Programs.

  • Vendor Editor
  • Product Categories
  • Product Editor
  • Promotion Editor
  • Rebate Editor
  • Movie Editor
  • Website Operators
  • Contact Us Management
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Tax
  • Realtime Shipping Rates
  • Flatfee Shipping Rates

We have 12 programs here in Management that will help add and edit product items, movies that can bond to items for sale, sales tax by state and territory, even for Canada, and granular control over shipping rates from FedEx and UPS.

We also have a promotion editor, in which you can add Promo Codes with start/stop dates, manufacture rebates with start/stop dates plus the coupon to submit, and also Instant Savings, in which you can discount an item for a short period of time, even just for one day.

Category Editor Product Categories are the building blocks to the Product Display Menu System. You can add, edit and delete category and sub category names. You can also add an image to the category to be used in the product display menu system.

The yellow tab is the basic information required to add a category. The other tabs are for category preview, and sub categories. The program does an excellent job in not letting you delete a category that is in use. So the assigned products list is an excellent way to find items that are still assigned to a category that you want to delete.

A quick glance using the category editor allows another view of products assigned to that category and sub category.

Product Index To the right is the product index. This program has been greatly expanded in 2014, with the use of filters to narrow your selections. So now you can select a filter, then the product, and exit the product editor to return to that filter. The index record has been expanded to show missing images or movies, and inventory alerts as well. The category assignment is also shown as well.

You can clone an item in the product index, so keep data entry to a minimum. Then just pick up the cloned item and change the price or whatever is required to complete the record. You can generate sitemap.xml files here, and also generate RSS Feeds as well here.s With these new features, it’s easy to get a quick view of your product selection.

The product index will not let you delete items for 90 days, while orders are being processed through the system. Many system checks take place when you rename a rename or try and delete a category, product, service or movie in the system.

Product Editor The product editor was enahanced in 2014, and cleaned up for a more fluid experience. By fluid, we mean smooth in operation. I technical terms, we eliminated the post back to the server, and used pure JQuery to handle all the functions. So now you can edit a product or service, and never have to wait for the page to refresh.

Don't let the amount of data required scare you off. Only the yellow tab is the Basic Information needed to list an product or service. The other tabs are more detailed views of the product and service, plus a preview item tab, so see what it looks like without have to leave the page. When entering data, the fields are validated on the fly. Data for dropdown are loaded dynamically, keeping the program fast in speed and operation. This is where you can assign recommended items to view, bond movies to a product, and assign shipping rates such as real time or flat fee.

Theres a quick navigator fly out tab on the left, that lets you procede to the next product for fast editing. It will the last 4 and next 4 items so you can go back or forward.

Movie Editor The movie modules allow you to take pictures from your camera or smartphone, and upload them to the website. We support both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and movie dimensions up to 1920x1080. Only modern movie formats are supported, we have dropped support for older formats like Black Berry Movies. You can either host the movie on the HX5 Website, or offload the movie to You Tube, or someone else’s movie server. By uploading the movie to the website first, the program will auto generate the thumbnail, in which you can use the slider to select which frame you would like to capture.

Movies are then formatted to two encodings, one which is FLV by adobe and the other is H.264 for mobile devices that do not support Flash Video. The HX5 System has device detection written throughout the program to support an array of device products as best as possible. You can also embed movie object code as well, drawing the movie from another server like You Tube. You Tube provides device and quality detection for the best possible output. We currently use the embedded You Tube Movies, to conserve bandwidth at the moment.

Realtime Ship Rate Editor To the right is the RTSR Index, in which you can choose a pre-programmed ship rate to offer. Simply click on the on and off button to enable. You can add, edit and delete published ship rates from your vendors. If you want to offer international services, then simply activate the international rates you wish to offer to your customers.

There are also Flat Rate Ship Rates as Well. You can assign a product a real time or flat fee rate. Flat fee rates are constructed from Real Time Rates. The shipping system is highly customizable and offers flexible programming options.

Ship Rate Editor Next is the Ship Rate Editor, you can add or delete states, countries and fine tune the rate. So take Hawaii for instance, it was recently added to UPS API Code 03 which is UPS Ground, so I was able to use the Ship Rate Editor and add Hawaii to it.

Rates change all the time. So the flexibility to change the rate in HX5 is pretty cool. No programming or coding is required to do this.

All the other program management modules are pretty explanatory, so that's why there not features with a detailed description and preview image.

Feel free to call if you questions about a specfic program here.

Site Administrator - Setup

Setup requires level 5 security.

The Setup module of HX5 contains 12 Programs.

  • Product Activation
  • Company Information
  • Operational Mode
  • Sales Messenger
  • Connect through Proxy
  • Google Maps API V3.0
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipping Services
  • Freight Services
  • SMTP / Exchange Server
  • SQL Server Connector
  • Discover SQL Servers

We have 12 programs here in Setup that will aid in programming your company or organizations information, that is all GUI based so there is no need to edit the program code.

Company Information You can set your company information, program your Google Maps API and test it to make sure it's right, and setup your SMTP connector for transmitting emails from HX5.

Your company information is used throughout your online store, and is easy to setup within minutes. Simply login as a user with level 5 clearance, to access the setup files, and off you go. You can change your company information anytime you like.

Programming your payment gateway is just as easy as well. All of the available and supported payment gateways are listed. Simply choose the one you wish to use, and enter your merchant ID and password. You can also choose capture or auth only, and set your capture time to synchronize with HX5.

Operations Mode Some of the nice features are the Operations Mode, in which you can use development for use in Visual Studio, or simply testing HX5 so no real charges will apply, or you can select production in which real values will used for payment processing, and automatic SSL shifting will occur when needed.

You can select your real time ship rate vendor such as FedEx and UPS with the click of a button. Select one or use both at the same time. DHL is still supported for shipments going outside the US.

The Sales Messenger is handy for HX5 event notifications. If a customer enters the checkout lane, a messenger email message will be sent to all that are on the list, and during order complete, the same event will occur again.

HX5 - Overview Navigation

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