eCommerce application in the front, complete web based POS management system in the back end

HX5 is a commercial eCommerce cloud application designed for high volume use, which features a complete POS type management system on the backend.

Customers shop from a web based flexible customizable front end while the back end is a static application containing all aspects of program management needed, to manage the high volume of orders for processing.

The application focuses highly on order accuracy, speed, and fraud prevention, while providing real time ship rate calculations on checkout. The ultimate goal is to create the highest level of customer satisfaction possible in the areas of order, fulfillment and shipping management.

The concept of HX5 came to me from the restaurant industry in which I marveled at the high speed and efficiency of a fine tuned POS system driving both kitchen and bar orders for hundreds of customers at a time. Orders were never late or lost, and every item was served at the right time.

Now this power of speed and efficiency can be yours as a cloud computing application designed for you, the manufacture or distributor of products that you wish to sell online.

Designed for desktop, touch and mobile devices

HX5 - Mobile Devices The GUI or graphical user interface has been optimized for touch screen operation on desktop computers with touch screen capabilities, and mobile devices such as Android, Apple IOS and Windows mobile, so a mobile version of the program really isn’t needed at the moment.

Most of the buttons have been enlarged so that your finger can be easiliy placed on your desired selection or choice of action during daily operation.

Many of the screens have been optimized to work on both desktop computers and tablets, in which scrolling is not needed.

Our research and data collection has concluded that 25% of the current shoppers are using tablet devices for shopping on the HX5 system.

Choose from multiple product/service display systems

Designed for desktop, touch and mobile devices

Classic 5 Interface This is one of the main product display systems that are offered in HX5. We currently offer two displays

  • Classic 1
  • Classic 5

Product Display systems are fully SEO Optimized, and will automatically generate metatag data, page titles, RSS Feeds, and site maps for each product or service entered into the system.

You can hard link a movie url, or upload your movie to the server, and link that movie to a product or service.

We have also just recently added Inventory capabilities, in which you can elect to turn on or off on a per item basis.

Writing a new display system for your industry is not a problem.

One of the unique design features of HX5 is that we can throw this system away and write a new one in a small amount of time, and fine tune the system for lets say car parts, bowling balls, basically target a specific vertical market with what ever type of display system is required to complete that customer order.

Complete backend management using the site administrator

HX5 offers a queue based fulfillment and shipping system that tracks an order through the complete order cycle.

Fulfillment Queue The HX5 system is based on queues,

  • Abandoned Orders
  • Held For Review
  • Fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Canceled Orders

The purpose of the queues is to not lose orders as they travel through the process until the customer receives their goods or services.

With the fulfillment queue, an order is printed out and sent to the fulfillment department. Once completed, the order is marked fulfilled, and it is then sent to the shipping department.

Abandoned Orders You can rescue abandoned orders using that queue. It will indicate where the customer stopped, and you can pick up at that point and make payment.

Orders that appear suspicious will enter the Held For Review Queue. It is then up to the website operator to make the call in accepting or declining the order. Once accepted, it moves to the fulfillment queue.

When using this queue system, multiple people operating HX5 can keep track of every order in the system, and always know the current status of an any order at any given point in time.

HX5 contains many programs and features to assist you during the day. At the moment, were not able to list all of the available features of the program, so we have chosen just the highlights or points most customers asked about when choosing a shopping cart or eCommerce software system or package.

Managing your products and services

Product Editor The Product Editor in HX5 allows you to enter your item or service, including uploading of your pictures within minutes.

There are 5 stages to the Product Editor, in which only Stage 1 Basic Settings is required to add a product.

  • Basic Information - required
  • Product Assignments - Optional
  • Build to Order - Optional
  • HTML Description - Optional
  • Product Preview - nifty

Step 1: Basic Information: This is where you enter the basic information such as description, part number, and assign your images. You can upload multiple images at the same time saving time. You also set your shipping preferences here as well.

Step 2: Optional Information: Setup Limited Items in which just a few are available, Product Inventory, and Promotional Discounts and Rebates.

Step 3: Dynamic Items: Setup dynamic options such as colors and sizes.

Step 4: Description: You can build your own custom HTML marketing message by using the HTML Description Editor or CKEditor, and upload a variety of file types to the server. We have included several ckEditor templates for easy composition of HTML.

Step 5: Product Preview gives you the exact same view that the customer sees on the front end, because it uses the same code module.

Use the Quick Navigation tab to select the next product without leaving the current page for fast editing.

Managing your products and services

Real Time Ship Rate Editor HX5 supports both real time and flat fee ship rates. You can select and fine tune UPS and FedEx Rates, adjust states and countries that will ship to, and select the rates you wish to offer at checkout.

You can create flat fee rates, and bond them to a product or service item. HX5 will automatically filter out flat fee items if no flat fee items are in the shoppping cart

The ship rate system is highly customizable and flexible in design, and will meet the needs of any shipping situation.

We love reports, especially easy to read ones

Annual Report We are constantly writing new reports to give you better insight into how your store is actually doing. At the moment, we have over 20 reports available, including the dreaded sales tax report that breaks down tax collected on a per state basis.

This is one of our new reports, the annual sales report. It shows a calendar of the year with simple bar graphs plotting X and Y axis of the sales and day of month.

At the bottom of each month cell, is a small sales summary for the month, broken down by Sub Total, Sales Tax, and order count.

We will be adding more axis measure points to the graphs for a more granular view of the month.

Use the year selector to move forward or backwards in time. I like going back and forth to see how the sales increase every year by about 20%.

Month Report The monthly report give you a detailed view of sales for each day of the month. You can see dead days (seen in red), in which orders were not placed, and consider advertising on those days. The report gives you a small view of total dollar amounts, and how many orders were placed that day.

If you need extra reports, not a problem, although we do charge a small fee for them. Depends on the complexity of the report.

We can write reports in HTML, PDF and Microsoft Report Viewer.

HX5 Technology Overview

HX5 is written is ASP.Net VB or Visual Basic

redCopper is a Microsoft Partner and MSDN Subscriber, so HX5 is written in Microsoft's ASP.Net. We like the technology, and are very good at using it's most robust features.

Not getting too technical here, all program code is compiled as Application DLL's, and all pages have very little code in them, just a call to the DLL in the Bin folder. There is no program code in the App_Code folder.

We wrote the program in VB, I know, everybody wants a C-Sharp program, but don't worry, VB does the same thing as C-Sharp. We started the program along time ago, before C-Sharp was popular.

Program updates are easy, just drop the updated DLL in the Bin folder and run the program. It's faster than you can say "cat in the hat".

You can make program changes with the source code and Visual Studio 2012. HX5 will be upgraded to 4.5 in the summer of 2014. Theres's something about VS 2013 that the Product Display Code won't cooperate with.

  • All Program Code is Compiled as 32/64 App Ext's
  • Lighting Fast on Server Core Installations using IIS 8
  • All static data is stored as XML files in the App_Data.
  • Master Page Templates offer easy editing
  • Supports English, French and Spanish Websites
  • Web Pages can be globalized for other languages
  • HX5 can be massed hosted on IIS8 with central DLL
  • Works with SQL Server 2012 and up.
  • Works with Express Editions as well.
  • Uses CeTe Dynamic PDF to generate PDF Files.
  • HTML Flex Template - Customize email templates
  • Multi-Threading - background processes are loaded on a new thread for faster operation and no wait times.

HX5 Operational Safety and Security

So just how safe or secure is this HX5, will I be on the evening news for card number theft?

PCI Complient We don't really like to talk about our methods for securing the program and its data, nor do we want to brag about any particular code designs or logic that is implemented within the applications. But I can say that all program code leans towards security first, and then the user experience next.

We don't have all of the features that other competitive programs have, because they could not be deployed in a safe and secure way, so they have been omitted for now, until we can figure it out.

We can say that the program is designed in a trust no one mentality, not the customers or your employees, and no one has clear access to all the data, not even us.

It's so far beyond PCI compliant, yet does 100% comply with the PCI rules such as encryption and employee tracking.

HX5 Functions and Features

What features does HX5 currently offer for my organization

In today’s eCommerce market, there are over 1000 features that various organizations ask for. In the past, we use to list them all, but found that even if we had the feature, sometimes the nomenclature was not correct and we were overlooked for consideration.

We have about 980 of the 1000 features organizations are looking for. I know that sounds like were feature weak, but some features are just not practical or ridiculous, while others cost about $20K to implement and test.

Please call us and ask about your particular requirements. We will not try to hard sell you, and if HX5 does not fit into your needs, we will be honest and tell you that, and make a recommendation for another product on the market.

The most popular features requested

  • Flexible HTML email templates, very easy to customize.
  • You Tube style movie play system that bonds to products
  • Real Time Ship Rate Calculator - with 96% accuracy rate.
  • Sales Messenger notification system, unlimited addresses
  • Sales Tax Calculator for Canada, Mexico and the US.
  • Automatic Site Map Generators for search engine feeds.
  • Automatic RSS Feed Generators and auto links.
  • Multiple product distrubution center capable.
  • Product inventory capable. - Out of Stock
  • Works with all the popular payment gateways.
  • Multi-user capable with 5 security levels of operation.

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