MVC ASP.Net Web Applications

What is Microsoft MVC?

Microsoft MVC for ASP.Net is a powerful framework for building web applications using a "Model View Component" design.

The Model represents the application core (for instance a list of database records).
The View displays the data (the database records).
The Controller handles the input (to the database records).

The MVC model also provides full control over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The key benefit to this is being able to access your website or data from any device. This means that not only can browsers access your website, but also apps written for cell phones and tablets (non browsers) can just download a data file automatically.

How MVC Works

Consider the examples below as devices and operating systems being able to access your MVC website.

MVC Schematic
  • D - Desktop Browser
  • T - Tablet Browser
  • M - Mobile Browser
  • A - Device Application

MVC Combined with responsive design utilizing HTML5 and CSS 3 allows for your MVC website to respond to the viewport or screen size of your browser running on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. MVC allows for the controller to respond to applications that are not browsers, on your desktop tablet or mobile device. Upon looking at the schematic above, take note of "A", which is the response to an application, not a browser running on any device. This is a JSON data file, in which the application can call the webpage, and just download the data, or upload data as well.

Benfits of MVC ASP.Net for your companies future strategy

Using this strategy is not for everybody or every company, but redCopper does see a major shift towards this technology from large online retailers, banks, and other online superpowers. This strategy is really geared towards ecommerce, and companies that have vast amounts of data such as images, products or things to sift through.

The biggest benefits of this strategy are:

  • Not having to create several different websites for each type of device (browser or application) by just offering different views.
  • Shorter development times to market via all devices.
  • Manage one single website across multiple servers.
  • Offer applications that the customer can run on their mobile or desktop device.

So what does redCopper think about this?

We’re ditching the old ASP.Net web forms because it's too time consuming to complete projects. It's evident that mobile device have taken over the marketplace in terms of usage, so responsive designs are a must, and can see that trend growing more. We think in the future, apps will grow even more popular, and the large super online powers will shift to Apps 80% / Browsers 20%. So redCopper is gearing up for this trend, and will push our customers towards this prediction or simply put, the clear road ahead.

Consider joining redCopper's move forward towards this technology

There are many code shops around the world offering this technology. But were located here in Huntington Beach CA, so were local and easy to work with. We do offer our services on a nationwide basis, and can work with your organization remotely as well. By joining redCopper, your looking far into the future towards your companies strategic online goals.