Are you still using Account Mate for DOS? If so then this is made for you.

Account Mate Extras 2015 was written for owners of the DOS version to extend their capabilities.

This program was written to extend the capabilities of Account Mate for DOS by adding modern features to it. We understand how these legacy programs are critical to your business, and if it works, why upgrade it. The price tag for a new copy of Account Mate is quite high, and requires additional resources such as SQL Server, so maintaining your existing Account Mate for DOS makes sense. Now you can add all the modern features of Windows to your legacy accounting software. You can go 99% paperless with Account Mate Extras 2015 for DOS.

Account Mate Extras 2015 - Main Menu
This is the main menu for the program. (Example 1)

This is the main menu for Account Mate Extras 2015, which has 5 functions so far.

  • Order Confirmation - Electronic Order Confirmations via email
  • Customer ATD Report - ATD Reports via email.
  • Electronic Invoicing - Electronic invoicing via email
  • Past Due Invoices - Electronic Past Due aging report and invoice via email
  • Reports - Charts and Graphs using Microsoft Report Writer

With these 5 current modules, imagine how fast your front desk will be able to process and ship orders accurately. Past Due Accounts are flagged automatically by the Order Confirmation Process. Don't worry about invalid email addresses, we have written a safe secure way to validate them.

Cut your postage in half by eliminating the mailing of invoices, and past due request. No more multi-part invoice forms save even more money and space for storage.

Account Mate Extras 2015 - Order Confirmation
This is the Order Confirmation Module. (Example 2)

This is a sample of the one of the program modules, Order Confirmations. When a Sales Order is created in Account Mate by a Sales Representative, the front desk can bring up that order for review. When the front desk controller verifies that the sales order is correct, then the controller can send the customer a copy of the order for electronic confirmation. You can select one or many sales orders, and transmit them in a batch operation. The program will then generate a PDF of the invoice, and generate an email message, attaching the PDF, and transmit it to your mail server for delivery. If the customers email address is not present, simply add the address with the click of a mouse. You can also verify the address by clicking test, in which we do an extensive lookup using DNS, and then probe the email server by sending a test message.

  • List all sales orders for the day
  • Click on a sales order to generate a preview PDF
  • Select sales orders by date or customer number
  • Check for past due invoices and amounts
  • Transmit sales orders electronically for confirmation
  • All transmissions are logged as Send History
  • View Send History by date or customer number

Account Mate Extras 2015 - Order Confirmation Transmit
This is the transmit function for every program module (Example 3)

The transmit function will gather the data from all the selected sales orders. When you click on send, the program will batch generate all the PDF required for each sales order, and store them on the hard disk drive. Then the program will begin to generate a custom email message for each sales order, and attach the PDF document. Once this is complete, the program will then transmit each email message in the background, freeing up the program to do the next task. Emails are sent using a background thread on your CPU if available. This saves time by allowing you to continue working, without have to wait for each email to send.

Streakwave Reseller 2015 - Share Email Message
Example of what the order confirmation message looks like (Example 4)

This is what the email message looks like in Outlook 2013 Professional. You can see the attached document, and the formatting of the message including product details. The message can be customized for your organization for your pacticular wording.

Other Program Modules and Features

Basically all the modules work the same, so were going to keep it short on the preview images. We would like to show you every feature, but we have to protect the personal information that is displayed in each module. There is so much personal information in all the modules, and it would take weeks for us to populate the program with fake data to view.

Since the program is highly customizable, you can add more features to the program no problem. The program is written in Visual Studio 2013, so any qualified vb programmer can work on it.

  • Written and compiled in Visual Studio 2013 in
  • Uses the ASP.Net Framework Version 4.5
  • Written for Windows 7+, 8.0, 8.1 and 10
  • Will not work in Windows XP
  • Comes with the Source Code on every Program Modification
  • Includes the Install Sheild Deployment Software, and Deployment Project
  • Upgrades are easy, uninstall and install the new version
  • Version numbers are stated on the top of the program for easy version tracking.

Future Features

We can add many other feature to the program rather quickly. Most of the future features stated below have already been written for our HX5 ecommerce software, and can be inserted into the program no problem.

  • Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Real Time Ship Rates for FedEx and UPS
  • Electronic Invoice Submission via XML
  • Personal Sales Rep Reports
  • Internet Connection
  • Account Mate for DOS
  • Invoice Artwork
System Requirements
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10
  • CPU that will run Windows Effectively. - i5, i7, Xeon
  • 24" 16:9 monitor preferable
  • Email Services
  • Internet Connection
  • Account Mate for DOS
  • Invoice Artwork
How to get Account Mate Extras 2015 today

This program is customized for each customer, which is your custom form artwork, and email message wording. So were not able to let you download the program for trial use at the moment. We sell the program for $995.00 USD. Which does not include program customization.
Program customization is $25.00 an hour, and usually takes 20 hours. Training is not really required because it's easy to use.

Pricing is negotiable as well. Make us an offer and we will consider it. Call 714-845-9284 for pricing and more detailed information.

Can redCopper repair my broken Account Mate for DOS

The code for Account Mate for DOS is pretty rock solid. Most repairs are errors in the database files, in which bad records have been recorded. You tried to do something that Account Mate would not let you do, but found a way to do it. This ends up breaking the end of month program, in which you have to fix the database.

We have done repairs for customers using the program. Some repairs were over the course of several months before all bugs were fixed. Repairs are $80.00 an hour, and include backing up your data, but you have to test it.