Is your company in the fast lane with daily productivity?

Statistics indicate that companies which invest in customized software can streamline daily functions to a few clicks of the mouse. Automation of certain daily routines can free up hours a day for every staff member in the office, and reduce the rate of errors to almost zero. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Consider redCopper to help your office or factory get in the fast lane with custom applications.

redCopper's Current Retail Applications

HX5 eCommerce Web Application - no more lost or forgotten orders

HX5 ECommerce 2015 - Logos HX5 is a lean fast operating e-commerce web application written in and Visual Basic. Unlike CMS Web Applications in which e-commerce can be added as a plugin, HX5 was written from the ground up to be a lightweight high speed e-commerce Web App. One of the key benefits to HX5 is that all the components needed are included in the program, so you don't have to purchase any extra plugins. If you have an organization in which many users operate your online store, then HX5 deserves serious consideration for use, with its multi-user design.

HX5 is for those that prefer Microsoft Technology, over open source solutions. It's built on ASP.Net Webforms Framework 4.5. Optimized to run on Microsoft Server 2012, and it can also be run on Linux Servers using Mono Project, or ASP.NET vNext (Alpha 3) on Ubuntu Linux with Mono 3.8 Learn More

Account Mate Extras 2015 - push your accounting to the next level

Account Mate Extras 2015 - Logos Account Mate Extras 2015 works on top of Account Mate for DOS and pushes it to the next level by offering a 99% paperless accounting program. Quickly plugin new features such as electronic invoicing, past due reports, order confirmations and much more in less than 5 days. Offer the order control desk a fast easy to use interface that works with Windows 7+. Reduce the amount of order and shipping errors using this system.

Account Mate Extras is a real Windows Application written in Framework 4.5 compiled for both X86 / X64 Systems. It installs using Install Shield by Flexera, so it's easy to upgrade when there published. It works with Windows 7+, 8.1, 10, and is not XP Compatible. Learn More

Discover how custom software can speed us your business with the same number of employees or less.

  1. MVC or Model View Controller HTML5 Website with a Responsive Design

    Consider having one website that can accomodate all mobile and desktop devices with the proper resolution display. With such a website, you can also detect non browsers such as Windows applications that use the website just for data purposes. Now you can host a variety of apps that run on mobile and desktop devices, that are non browser based. Learn More

  1. Custom Software Applications (Programs)

    We've all heard the phrase "download the app", which is short for software application. We have written many Windows Apps that extract data from the customers website via our crawler and JSON Files. So in other words, you use the app instead of your browser to perform tasks, and the app just downloads data sets. This has become quite popular now, and we see in the future how apps will change the way we use the internet in the future. Learn More

  1. Custom Overlay Applications for your Business

    Many companies have software that dates back to the 80's. The software is rock solid and works, and would require years to replace. redCopper has been writing overlay software for several years now. Consider a modern Windows App, that is specific in design and function, that just uses the data from the legacy program. Now you can take a department such as order processing, and create a modern Windows app that runs on Windows 10, adding capabilities such as touch screen and drag and drop, while preserving the data structure. Learn More